KMT Taichung CC nominations

From a few news stories on the internet, I have put together the results of the KMT’s telephone survey primary for nominations to the Taichung City Council.  I could not find the exact results; all I could find was who won and who lost.  However, one story reporting on the portion of the primary in the old Taichung City listed ranks for the winners (though not for the losers).

Also, a story on the portion in the old Taichung County provided the current jobs of many candidates.  This is interesting to me.  There is a pretty clear hierarchy of positions.  From best to worst, the ranking is township mayor, county assembly (ie: incumbent), speaker of township assembly, regular member of township assembly.

Finally, we are starting to get into the very bloody portion of the election.  Taipei City actually has more seats than before, while Xinbei City has the same number.  Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung all have a lot of incumbents chasing a small number of seats.  This is not as bad for the DPP, which has historically been underrepresented in these lower-level elections and therefore still has a little bit of space to grow.  However, it is a bloodbath for the KMT.  I count 14 incumbents who did not win nominations in Taichung.  I’m guessing that most of them will quit the KMT and run for re-election as independents

Why would KMT primary losers be less likely to respect survey results than DPP losers?  KMT politicians rely much more heavily on organization, which may or may not include vote buying.  This type of mobilization doesn’t affect the results of telephone surveys very much.  As such, losers can argue that there is a significant gap between these results and the likely results of a general election, when their organizations will come into play.

spots name name F Current Win
1 Dajia 3 姚應龍 Yao Yinglong incumbent Y
林素真 Lin Suzhen F Incumbent Y
楊永昌 Yang Yongchang Incumbent
李鴻榮 Li Hongrong incumbent Y
2 Qingshui 3* 楊秋雲 Yang Qiuyun F incumbent Y
蘇麗華 Su Lihua Y
顏永滄 Yan Yongcang Y
尤璧鈴 You Biling F incumbent ?
3 Dadu 3* 林汝洲 Lin Ruzhou Dadu mayor Y
吳瓊華 Wu Qionghua F Incumbent Y
楊忠諺 Yang Zhongyan incumbent
謝蒼海 Xie Canghai Former Wuri mayor
林士昌 Lin Shichang incumbent Y
何端格 He Duange incumbent
4 Fengyuan 4* 王朝坤 Wang Chaokun Houli township assembly speaker Y
陳本添 Chen Bentian Incumbent Y
張溢城 Zhang Yicheng Incumbent Y
陳清龍 Chen Qinglong Incumbent
車淑娟 Che Shujuan F incumbent Y
劉重迪 Liu Chongdi Fengyuan township assembly member
5 Tanzi 4* 張立傑 Zhang Lijie Incumbent
王永通 Wang Yongtong incumbent
吳顯森 Wu Xiansen Daya mayor Y
王加佳 Wang Jiajia F Incumbent Y
羅永珍 Luo Yongzhen F Shengang mayor Y
何秀香 He Xiuxiang
賴朝國 Lai Chaoguo incumbent Y
6 Xitun 3* 嚴榮發 Yan Rongfa
留峰甫 Liu Fengfu
黃馨慧 Huang Xinhui F Incumbent Y(1)
張廖乃倫 Zhang Liao Nailun F Incumbent Y(3)
吳春夏 Wu Chunxia Incumbent
楊正中 Yang Zhengzhong incumbent Y(2)
陳富德 Chen Fude
7 Nantun 3* 丁振嘉 Ding Zhenjia Incumbent Y(3)
劉士州 Liu Shizhou Incumbent Y(2)
朱暖英 Zhu Nuanying F Y(1)
陳三井 Chen Sanjing Incumbent
黃淑芬 Huang Shufen F incumbent
8 Beitun 4* 賴順仁 Lai Shunren Incumbent Y(4)
陳成添 Chen Chentian Incumbent Y(2)
唐國泰 Tang Guotai Incumbent
林永能 Lin Yongneng Incumbent
謝黎芳 Xie Lifang
沈佑蓮 Shen Youlian F incumbent Y(1)
吳敏 Wu Min Y(3)
9 North 2 陳天汶 Chen Tianwen Incumbent Y(1)
陳有江 Chen Youjiang Incumbent Y(2)
顏志修 Yan Zhixiu incumbent
10 CW 2 柯貞竹 Ke Zhezhu
洪嘉鴻 Hong Jiahong Incumbent Y(2)
張宏年 Zhang Hongnian incumbent Y(1)
11 SE 3* 顏明毅 Yang Mingyi
賴頤年 Lai Yinian Incumbent Y(1)
林珮涵 Lin Peihan F Incumbent Y(3)
李中 Li Zhong incumbent Y(2)
12 Taiping 3* 李麗華 Li Lihua F Incumbent Y
詹敏豐 Zhan Minfeng Incumbent Y
賴瑞珠 Lai Ruizhu F incumbent Y
13 Dali 4* 戴萬福 Dai Wanfu incumbent Y
蔡黃金雀 Cai Huang Jinque F Incumbent Y
蘇柏興 Su Boxing Dali township assembly speaker Y
陳玉雪 Chen Yuxue F Incumbent
林碧秀 Lin Bixiu F incumbent Y
曾瑞昌 Zeng Ruichang Former Wufeng mayor
14 Dongshi 2 陳萬通 Chen Wantong incumbent Y
蘇慶雲 Su Qingyun Incumbent Y
冉齡軒 Ran Lingxuan F incumbent
15 PA
16 MA

* includes at least one female

Note: In D2, no survey was held, so apparently You Biling withdrew.

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  1. A-gu Says:

    You make me feel OK about not blogging so much anymore — you’re doing what I sorta aimed to do way better than I ever did!

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