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Prediction contest

November 26, 2010

Election “predictions” are a ridiculous proposition.  No one knows what will happen.  I don’t, you don’t, and neither does your friend who insists that he knows someone on the inside, because the so-called insiders don’t know either.  We are all just guessing.


So let’s have fun.


There are eight former legislators running for city council:


Chen Chien-ming 陳健銘, TSU, Taipei 1 (Shilin-Beitou)

Lin Ruey-tou 林瑞圖, IND, Taipei 1 (Shilin-Beitou)

Chin Hui-chu 秦慧珠, KMT, Taipei 3 (Songshan-Xinyi)

Wang Shi-chien 王世堅, DPP, Taipei 4 (Wanhua-Zhongzheng)

Shen Fa-hui 沈發惠, DPP, Xinbei 10 (Xizhi)

Liao Hsueh-kuang 廖學廣, IND, Xinbei 10 (Xizhi)

Wang Shu-hui 王淑慧, DPP, Xinbei 4 (Banqiao)

Tang Bi-a 唐碧娥, DPP, Tainan 11 (North)


How many of these eight will win?


I guess five (Chen, Chin, Wang, Wang, and Tang).

What’s your guess?