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One Side One Country Alliance Roster

September 30, 2010

I found a list of members in Chen Shui-bian’s current political vehicle, the One Side One Country Alliance (OSOCA, 一邊一國連線, my translation).  I’m not sure how this list was compiled.  My guess is that it was released to the media by Chen’s people.  Lists like this are invariably flawed.  The people issuing the list want to make their organization look as impressive as possible, so they put lots of names on it.  People named on these types of lists, by contrast, are sometimes surprised to see themselves listed as members of something that they just attended a few functions for.  In other words, don’t take this list as established fact.

On the other hand, everyone on this list should more or less have good relations with the former president.  One of the things we will want to know when this election is over is whether Chen’s influence is waning or not.  The electoral fate of these candidates will be a good indicator.  If all of them win, you can bet that he will try to put together something similar for the next legislative elections.  If they fail miserably, it will be one more sign that Taiwan is moving on from the Chen era.

My first impression is that this is a really impressive list.  Chen has managed to put together a group of candidates that covers most districts in the five municipalities.  Moreover, many of the ones he is missing are small.  Most voters will have an opportunity to express support for Chen if they wish.  Of course, it is debatable whether a vote for Chen Bifeng or Zheng Xinzhu should be understood as a vote for Chen.  Those two and several others are long term incumbents with their own constituents, and it is arguable that Chen is piggybacking on their popularity.  But after all, that’s usually true of political coalitions.

OSOCA City Council candidates

district name name party
Taipei 1 陳碧峰 Chen Bifeng DPP
Taipei 2 江志銘 Jiang Zhiming DPP
Taipei 3 許家蓓 Xu Jiabei DPP
Taipei 5 童仲彥 Tong Zhongyan DPP
Taipei 6 柯景昇 Ke Jingsheng DPP
Xinbei 3 陳啟能 Chen Qineng DPP
Xinbei 4 王淑慧 Wang Shuhui DPP
Xinbei 5 林秀惠 Lin Xiuhui DPP
Xinbei 6 許昭興 Xu Zhaoxing DPP
Xinbei 7 吳琪銘 Wu Qiming DPP
Xinbei 10 周雅玲 Zhou Yaling DPP
Taichung 3 劉淑蘭 Liu Shulan DPP
Taichung 7 何文海 He Wenhai DPP
Taichung 10 江正吉 Jiang Zhengji DPP
Taichung 11 邱素貞 Qiu Suzhen DPP
Taichung 13 劉錦和 Liu Jinhe DPP
Tainan 2 賴惠員 Lai Huiyuan DPP
Tainan 4 郭秀珠 Guo Xiuzhu IND
Tainan 5 陳朝來 Chen Chaolai DPP
Tainan 7 林志聰 Lin Zhicong DPP
Tainan 8 王峻潭 Wang Juntan DPP
Tainan 9 施重男 Shi Chongnan IND
Tainan 10 黃永田 Huang Yongtian IND
Tainan 11 唐碧娥 Tang Bi’e DPP
Tainan 12 邱莉莉 Qiu Lili DPP
Tainan 13 李文正 Li Wenzheng DPP
Tainan 14 王定宇 Wang Dingyu DPP
Tainan 16 曾王雅雲 Zeng Wang Yayun DPP
Kaohsiung 1 鍾盛有 Zhong Shengyou IND
Kaohsiung 2 張文瑞 Zhang Wenrui DPP
Kaohsiung 3 陳政聞 Chen Zhengwen DPP
Kaohsiung 4 黃昭星 Huang Zhaoxing DPP
Kaohsiung 5 林芳如 Lin Fangru DPP
Kaohsiung 7 鄭新助 Zheng Xinzhu IND
Kaohsiung 9 陳慧文 Chen Huiwen DPP
Kaohsiung 10 陳致中 Chen Zhizhong IND
Kaohsiung 11 韓賜村 Han Sicun DPP