12 Years of FG

Frozen Garlic has hit a major milestone. I started writing this blog 12 years ago. Elections in Taiwan is a very niche topic, so I never expected a wide readership. Further, it’s written in English, and most of the people who are most interested in this topic prefer to read about it in Chinese. And the nature of the electoral cycle means that I go several months at a time without writing anything. When you don’t post any content, readers stop reading. When I started, I thought I was writing as much for personal expression as for the benefit of any readers.

Today, WordPress informs me that the blog has achieved 500,000 page views. In our modern world, we are used to seeing extremely large numbers, so half a million might not seem like a lot. However, I have done a lot of data entry over the years. In the old days when we had paper surveys, it only took a few minutes to enter the data for one survey. However, when you need to do that a thousand times, it starts adding up. That was a job for a team of RAs, and it took several days to plow through the pile. My database of candidates in Taiwanese elections is currently at about 69,000 candidates, and I have put a great deal of time and energy into that over the last decade. I think 500,000 is an enormous number.

I’d like to thank everyone who has spent several minutes plowing through one of my long, poorly edited screeds over the years. I hope it has been as informative and interesting for you as it has been fulfilling for me.

I’m going to start planning a small party for February 2034 when I should hit 1,000,000 page views.

16 Responses to “12 Years of FG”

  1. Shelley Rigger Says:

    Congratulations! 12 years and half a million views is an impressive record. When you started, I recommended your blog to lots of people and they dutifully took down the link. I still recommend your blog everywhere I go, but now, almost everyone stops me halfway into my spiel to say they already read it. Thank you for keeping the English-speaking world supplied with such high-quality analysis.

  2. James Chen Says:

    I’m another regular reader and fan — thank you for the great content over the years! I really love how you include lots of really hyper-local info on different areas of Taiwan and politicians’ histories. As a Taiwanese-American, I find all that really interesting and fascinating. Please keep up the great work!

  3. Julian Daniel Says:

    Congratulations on 12 years! In such a time, I’m sure you’ve witnessed so many changes in Taiwanese politics. I’m a relatively-new addition to the Frozen Garlic readership (as a current college student, I’ve just become interested in Taiwanese politics recently) but I really appreciate your insightful analysis, and this is probably my favorite political blog! I’m looking forward to having Frozen Garlic as a companion for years to come.

  4. lihan Says:

    We should shout out, like in most of the Taiwanese election events, “Frozen Garlic! Frozen Garlic!…” Congratulations, 500,000 votes can earn you the fourth term.😊

  5. David Keegan Says:

    Congratulations. You have been producing an indispensable resource with great insight. I always highlight Frozen Garlic to my students. I look forward to the celebration in 2034.

  6. Maggie Lewis Says:

    Congratulations, and thank you for providing such a valuable resource! I’m marking February 2034 on my calendar but hoping that we might convince you to do some sort of shindig before then.

  7. Steven Chen Says:

    Absolutely my favorite politics-related blog for Taiwan, your service is invaluable!

  8. Pierre Says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for all the informative posts 🙂

  9. kezza Says:

    Congratulations and thank you for all the wonderful insights during these interesting times. I’m sure it is easier to get the next 500k once you have 500k, so the party should be earlier than 2034!

  10. Jeff Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Thank you for your in-depth analysis and insights! I thoroughly enjoy every post!

  11. John Feng Says:


  12. Jim Hodges Says:

    I am a new fan, been reading for about two months. I heard about you in an article in Taipei Times and I am delighted. I’m a statistics professor with an MA in public affairs, married to a Taiwanese woman and currently in Taipei on sabbatical. Thanks to the internet, I can keep reading when we go back to the US. Keep up the great work!

  13. Mass effect Says:

    Been reading since the sunflowers, so better part of the decade now. I keep this blog on my RSS so I never miss anything. I appreciate what you do.

  14. Jerry Says:

    This is the one place where I can come to over and over and get legit unbiased in-depth analysis of Taiwanese elections without the usual fluff and superficial mass media treatment. I may not come to this blog for months at a time, but time and time again and year after year, I keep coming back and you never disappoint. Much appreciate it from a long time reader.

  15. Matthew S Says:

    Congratulations FG! Love reading your blogs and takes on TW politics

  16. Konstantin Samoilov Says:

    I found this blog a few days ago through Marginal Revolution, and have only skimmed it so far, but can see how well you cover the topic. Thank you for creating this and writing it for so long. I’ll keep reading it. Taiwan will perhaps be the single most important place of the next two decades, and this blog is highly beneficial to the world.

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