Change under Chu? Never mind.

You know all that stuff I wrote in the previous post about how Chu might shift directions? Chu didn’t wait even 24 hours before squashing that thought. In basically his first act as the new chair, Chu sent a fawning, groveling letter to Xi Jinping. I’m going to steal Yang Kuang-shun’s excellent translation (thanks):

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“In the past three decades, the cross-Strait relations made very positive progress in exchanges and cooperation at all levels through the relentless works and promotion of our parties. In recent years, however, the DPP administration has changed the status quo across the Strait by adopting ‘de-China’ and ‘anti-China’ policies. It creates tough situation across the Strait and extreme sense of insecurity among the people across the Strait”

“People across the Strait are Chinese people. On the basis of ‘1992 Consensus’ and ‘Opposing Taiwan independence,’ we hope from now on that our parties can pursue consensus and respect differences, promote mutual trust and integration, enhance exchanges and cooperation, so that the peaceful development of the cross-Strait relations can move forward. This is beneficial to the people across the Strait and the promotion of the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

He starts by blaming the DPP. That is, he is seeking to ally with the CCP (a party dedicated to destroying the ROC) against the DPP. He then bases this relationship on the 92C and Opposing Taiwan independence. Note that he doesn’t bother to state the “each side with its own interpretation part”. What ever happened to this strident insistence that he was passionately against any “red unification”?

Chu basically announced that there will be no change in the KMT position. This is still Ma Ying-jeou’s party. He is not interested in actually placing the ROC first or moving toward the middle of the Taiwan electorate. More bluntly, he isn’t interested in winning national elections. All that stuff from the last two weeks? Let’s just pretend that never happened. He didn’t really mean it. He just had to say some stuff to win an election.

3 Responses to “Change under Chu? Never mind.”

  1. julian Says:

    This is borderline treasonous and should raise questions of trustworthiness for most voters.

  2. Joseph Tao-yi Wang Says:

    The translation missed an interesting omission in the last line of the letter: The letter is dated to be “in the year 110 (2021)” instead of their usual “in the ROC year of 110 (2021)”…

  3. What Strategy will the KMT Take Next? What Are the Odds of Reform Under Chu? – Taiwan Insight Says:

    […] than using the formal or informal form of “you.” Chu also sent a letter to China, in which he asserted the 1992 Consensus as his baseline for conducting cross-strait relations and vowed to combat the efforts of the DPP at realizing Taiwanese […]

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