A lecture on populism

This is the most important story in Taiwan electoral politics in recent years. It’s too bad it took me so long to realize what was going on.

3 Responses to “A lecture on populism”

  1. ML Says:

    This is a good lecture. Some media have described Hong Kong protests as “populist” rather than “pro-democracy”. What is your view on that?

  2. Laurens Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this clip.

    I always looked at Han as a reactionary, macho KMT guy raving about the good ol’ times.
    This lecture perfectly shows that he has been painting the past way too positively and the present way too badly to make it fit his narrative of decay. No secondary sector in Taiwan? Come on, the country is an industrial powerhouse.

    Even worse though is his authoritarian top-down-approach (trust the wise leader to take the right decision) and his pure materialistic promise of a good day-to-day live. And do notice that this could be achieved under CCP rule as well.
    Not a word about democracy, civic rights, diversity, individual freedoms, media freedom: all those pillars of modern Taiwan are no issues for Han – or even worse: To him, this is what is wrong with Taiwan. No clear leadership, too much distraction. Telling enough that this guy went to Beijing to study administration…

    And now the next KMT dinosaur who likes Beijing an awful is knocking on the door with Jaw Shaw-kong. Unsurprisingly his mentor within the KMT is Han. More of the same populism, then.

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