KMT loses seniority in LY

A lot of KMT incumbents lost last Saturday, and many of them were quite senior. I thought I’d add up all the seniority that the KMT lost in the massacre. For example, Lee Ching-hua, who lost in New Taipei 12, was first elected in 1992 and has served seven terms. There were nineteen such losers in the 73 district races:

name name district Terms
丁守中 Ting Shou-chung Taipei 1 7
林郁方 Lin Yu-fang Taipei 5 5
吳育昇 Wu Yu-sheng New Taipei 1 3
黃志雄 Huang Chih-hsiung New Taipei 5 2
江惠貞 Chiang Hui-chen New Taipei 7 1
張慶忠 Chang Ching-chung New Taipei 8 3
盧嘉辰 Lu Chia-chen New Taipei 10 2
李慶華 Lee Ching-hua New Taipei 12 7
陳根德 Chen Ken-te Taoyuan 1 5
廖正井 Liao Cheng-ching Taoyuan 2 2
楊麗環 Yang Li-huan Taoyuan 4 4
孫大千 Sun Ta-chien Taoyuan 6 4
楊瓊瓔 Yang Chiung-ying Taichung 3 5
蔡錦隆 Tsai Chin-lung Taichung 4 3
林國正 Lin Kuo-cheng Kaohsiung 9 1
林滄敏 Lin Tsang-min Changhua 2 3
鄭汝芬 Cheng Ju-fen Changhua 3 2
王進士 Wang Chin-shih Pingtung 2 2
王廷升 Wang Ting-sheng Hualien 2

That’s 19 KMT incumbents who ran for re-election but lost on Saturday. They collectively had 68 terms of seniority. But wait, there’s more. There were several KMT district legislators who did not make it to the ballot. Some of them lost in the primary, and some of them voluntarily retired. However, in political science we tend to look at “voluntary” retirements somewhat skeptically. Often the person would like to continue in office, but he or she makes a judgment that re-election is quite unlikely and chooses to “retire.” So I’m going to list all the KMT district incumbents who didn’t make it to the final ballot.

name name district Terms
羅淑蕾 Lo Shu-lei Taipei 3 * 3
蔡正元 Alex Tsai Taipei 4 * 4
林鴻池 Lin Hung-chih New Taipei 6 3
徐欣瑩 Hsu Hsin-ying Hsinchu County * 1
張嘉郡 Chang Chia-chun Yunlin 1 2
翁重鈞 Weng Chung-chun Chiayi 1 7
謝國樑 Hsieh Kuo-liang Keelung 3
呂學樟 Lu Hsueh-chang Hsinchu City 4

* KMT held the seat with a different candidate.

Nine KMT district incumbents didn’t make it to the final ballot. They collectively had 28 terms of seniority. However, this is a little misleading. The KMT held onto three of the nine seats. In fact, Hsu Hsin-ying had already defected from the KMT to form the MKT, so maybe we should consider the KMT to have regained the Hsinchu County seat. Anyway, the six KMT districts who retired and whose seats were taken by the DPP had a collective 20 terms of seniority.

[Maybe I should mention Hau Lung-bin, who wasn’t an incumbent legislator but did serve two terms back in the 1990s.]

If you are counting at home, that makes 25 KMT district incumbents whose seats were taken by the green side. Those 25 KMT legislators had a total of 83 terms under their belts, or an average of 3.3 terms each. That adds up to roughly 300 years of seniority. To put that in perspective, the 24 KMT candidates who won district or indigenous seats only have a total of 48 terms.

name name district Terms
蔣萬安 Chiang Wan-an Taipei 3 0
李彥秀 Lee Yan-hsiu Taipei 4 0
蔣乃辛 Chiang Nai-hsin Taipei 6 2
費鴻泰 Alex Fai Taipei 7 3
賴士葆 Lai Shih-bao Taipei 8 4
林德福 Lin Teh-fu New Taipei 9 4
羅明才 Luo Ming-tsai New Taipei 11 5
陳學聖 Apollo Chen Taoyuan 3 3
呂玉玲 Lu Yu-ling Taoyuan 5 1
顏寬恒 Yen Kuan-heng Taichung 2 1
盧秀燕 Lu Hsiu-yen Taichung 5 5
江啟臣 Chiang Chi-chen Taichung 8 1
林為洲 Lin Wei-chou Hsinchu County 1
陳超明 Chen Chao-ming Miaoli 1 2
徐志榮 Hsu Chih-jung Miaoli 2 1
王惠美 Wang Hui-mei Changhua 1 1
馬文君 Ma Wen-chun Nantou 1 2
許淑華 Hsu Shu-hua Nantou 2 1
楊鎮浯 Yang Chen-wu Kinmen 0
陳雪生 Chen Hsueh-sheng Lienchiang 1
鄭天財 Sra.Kacaw Lowland Indigenous 1
廖國棟 Sufin.Siluko Lowland Indigenous 4
孔文吉 Kung Wen-chi Highland Indigenous 3
簡東明 Uliw.Qaljupayare Highland Indigenous 2


With all that experience wiped away, the next KMT caucus is going to have a very different set of internal dynamics.


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  1. ジェームス (@jmstwn) Says:

    Just 3 years to go until Chiang Wan-an is eligible to run for president! That means he can lead the 2020 KMT ticket!!

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