I coulda been a player

On November 12, I got an email that was just too much fun to ignore. It was from something called the Great Love Constitutional Reform Alliance 大愛憲改聯盟 asking me if I wanted to run for the legislature representing their party. They promised to pay the registration deposit, provide all campaign materials (posters, flags, webpage), and even pay me a salary during the campaign period. All they asked was that I support their constitutional reforms; I was free to take whatever position I liked on all other matters. How could I resist?

There is the small matter of me not being an ROC citizen, I suppose. There was also the matter of this being a mass email which I assume they sent out to everyone at Academia Sinica and probably to lots of other places. I went on their website, and it was clear to me that this party was run by some people who have no idea how constitutional reform works, much less party politics. After about five minutes of chuckles, I got tired of the Great Love Constitutional Reform Alliance and went back to work.

Two days ago, on the last day of registration (and barely two weeks after I got the email), sure enough, the Great Love Constitutional Reform Alliance showed up at various electoral commissions registering candidates. Hey, I could have been one of them! (Well, not legally.)

But you know who showed up on their party list? None other than Wu’er Kaixi 吾爾開希. That was unexpected. I thought he was sophisticated enough to know to avoid gimmick parties like this. By associating with that party, he is taking on all their prestige and gravitas. That’s not an improvement for him. Oops.






一、 誠徵宗旨:

1. 為實現你的理想你的夢、實現台灣理想台灣夢,支持《世界大同憲法標準》(草案)入憲。
2. 只要您有心為自己打造前途、為台灣打開出路,竭誠歡迎加入我們的隊伍。

二、 憲改立委的目標:


三、 誠徵條件:


四、 運作模式:

1. 有志共同參選之憲改立委,於競選期間,本黨將補貼薪資。
2. 登記選舉所需的保證金由本黨支付,競選期間的網路、海報、旗幟(共同規劃)皆由本黨提供,讓您免費選立委。
3. 參選人應在所屬提名區域作全職競選活動。
4. 有志共同參選之憲改立委,共同規劃競選策略和活動。

聯絡人:張博士 cic@lawlove.org , 吳博士 wtz@lawlove.org 大愛憲改聯盟敬上




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