Two items for future reference

I’m using my blog as a storage device for two things I know I will want to find at some time in the future.

First, the greatest/worst campaign picture I’ve seen in a long time. This photo is from storm media on July 29.

Hung hypnotize

“You are getting sleepy. One China with the same interpretation is brilliant. Now wake up!”

Don’t you think someone in her campaign should have stopped her from putting the hypnotic glasses on? Oh, that’s right. She doesn’t have any experienced campaign pros working for her.

Second, I’ve referred to this article in casual conversations a few times. Hung stated that during the New Year holiday, she had decided to retire. In other words, she was not planning to run for president as late as New Years, which was February 19. This means she was not preparing to run for president until very, very late. (She formally announced her candidacy on April 3.)

In case that link disappears, here are the relevant parts:

B咖選總統 洪秀柱:其實我想退休





2 Responses to “Two items for future reference”

  1. Horst Mohammed (@HorstMohammed) Says:

    What I don’t understand is why the KMT leadership doesn’t intervene to put her campaign back on track by surrounding her with some seasoned professionals. Even if they’ve all but conceded the presidential race, there’s still a parliamentary majority to fight for, and if you’ve got a terrible candidate at the top of the ticket, you might not be able to turn out your voters very well. Some might find it attractive if Hung fails miserably and they can just blame a loss on her rather than the overall decline in their party’s popularity, but aren’t they scared by the thought of the DPP controlling both the legislative and executive?

  2. Les Says:

    Hung is not the rank and file’s candidate, she is the candidate of the old guard, Mainlander elite. Just as most LY candidates are rushing to distance themselves from her, so might anyone capable of running a campaign. No-one outside of this clique wants to be associated with a losing campaign, especially one that will inevitable end in a loss of biblical proportions. It doesn’t look good on your CV.

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