Hung Hsiu-chu complains

Following yesterday’s proposal in the KMT Central Standing Committee to activate a process to draft the party’s presidential nominee, the tone of today’s news seems slightly different.

As I pointed out in my previous post, Hung did much better in the question that asked whether respondents supported her for the KMT nomination than in the head to head question of whether they would vote for Hung or Tsai. Today Hung is complaining that the KMT should use the “support” question rather than the “comparative” question. In fact, she is complaining that they have changed the rules in order to block her.

Further, Hung is complaining that the KMT is not planning to hold a forum for her to explain her platform to the public. If they don’t want to do it, they should give her back the NT 7 million registration fee so that she can hold the forum herself.

As for the proposal to put her in a four-way poll with Chu, Wang, and Wu, Hung rejects this as “unfair.” They should have registered in the first place.

Why are these stories significant? For the first time, Hung seems to be publicly complaining that the KMT is actively trying to block her. Up until now, she was always sunny and full of confidence that the KMT process would be fair, she would pass the 30% threshold, and the KMT would duly nominate her. This new tone might reflect a shift in her perception. Perhaps now the KMT has finally gotten serious about forcing either Chu or Wang to take the nomination, and it is taking steps to ensure that she doesn’t get in the way.

Her complaining also reflects the sense that she has a real chance to pass the 30% threshold and win the nomination. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t bother protesting so forcefully. I think her quest for the nomination started out as a way to force the other people into the race. However, somewhere along the way, it dawned on her (and everyone else) that she might actually win the formal nomination process. This realization has forced the rest of the KMT to get serious about drafting Chu or Wang, which was probably her original intent. However, Hung might no longer want that outcome.

5 Responses to “Hung Hsiu-chu complains”

  1. ジェームス (@jmstwn) Says:

    This is interesting indeed. I can’t blame her for switching objectives. She clearly enjoys the attention and would have a lot more fun on the campaign trail than Chu.

  2. CCLu Says:

    Why did you only include Chu and Wang as possible candidates to be drafted? Isn’t the Vice President Wu a favorite to some as well?

    • frozengarlic Says:

      Wu’s only path to the nomination is through consensus reached in closed-door negotiations. Basically, the KMT has to eliminate Hung in the formal mechanism, and Chu and Wang have to steadfastly refuse to be considered for or accept the nomination. If opinion polls are used and either Chu or Wang is in the mix, Wu cannot win.

  3. Karen Bickerstaff Says:

    Wu will be the KMT’s candidate for the 2016 ROC presidential election.

  4. ジェームス (@jmstwn) Says:

    I love Hung burning her boats today. She has to leave the Legislature anyway because of the KMT term limits for PR seats. And if she wins the nomination she’s in a great position to run for party chair next year.

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