Frozen Garlic in the mainstream media

Check it out, my blog has been quoted in the Liberty Times. I’m making an impact on mainstream political discourse, baby!

Of course, it would have been nice if they had gotten my Chinese name right. I guess it never occurred to them to check my institute’s website. Hey, who could imagine that a foreigner living in [insert Foreign Country] would already have a standard Chinese name. For the record, my Chinese name is 鮑彤, not 包圖。Anyway, I’m happy to represent the community of “international scholars.” Presumably the reporter’s vision of international scholars includes everyone who, like my colleagues at Academia Sinica and I, lives in Taiwan, gets all their information from domestic news sources, deals with the hassles and joys of everyday life in Taiwan, and has quasi-civil servant status in Taiwan. Or maybe it’s just people with different looking faces.

I guess I should be happy they mentioned that I have a PhD from Harvard. Presumably that sounds more prestigious than my actual PhD, which is from University of California, San Diego. Ironically, I turned down admission (and a larger stipend) from Harvard because UCSD was better in my subfield.

As for the content, I suppose it is my fault if I didn’t write some parts clearly enough. I only wish I had stated more forcefully that all of my causal explanations for the unexpected election result are nothing more than guesses at this point. Everyone wants a clear answer, but unlike that idiot 包圖 I don’t have any clear answers at this point.


7 Responses to “Frozen Garlic in the mainstream media”

  1. lihan Says:

    Dr. Garlic,

    I admire your keen observations on Taiwan’s politics using effective tools to communicate with us.
    For one, the significance of the central Taiwan and Taoyuan in terms of geo-political and Taiwan-China connection. And, the more recent observation on aboriginals really intrigues me.
    Thank you.

  2. R Says:

    Congratz for making it to the mainstream media! xD

    hey at least they got your blog’s name right eh? 凍蒜! Interestingly the reporter is writing from D.C. judging from the “駐美特派員曹郁芬/華府三十日報導”, while our 國際學者 here is in Academia Sinica lol

  3. Echo Taiwan Says:

    YES !!!

    ( what else can I say ? lol )

  4. Frank Says:

    So this is a Taiwanese journalist sent to US who tried to quote an US scholar in Taiwan researching Taiwan politics published in English. Very straight forward.

  5. Frank Says:

    Well taking this opportunity I would like to thank Dr. Batto (on behalf of all the submarines like me here) for taking his time and effort to maintain, reflect, analyze and share with us on his keen observation on Taiwan politics in a “neutral” way (or, relatively much more neutral way). It’s actually, a breeze of fresh air to read the blog entries here.

    Maybe we can looking forward to see you in one of those talk shows as a guest speaker? Hell, since your colleague Dr. Huang is doing it regularly anyway I can’t see why not.

    • frozengarlic Says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been on TV before, and I’m not planning on doing it again. TV requires a special skill set that I don’t quite have.

      • T Says:

        No, don’t ever acquire those “special skill set[s]”. You’re perfect just the way you are. Please don’t change.

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