Lin rally in Keelung

After the Lien parade and rally finished, I drove to Keelung City to watch a rally for DPP mayoral candidate Lin You-chang 林右昌.  This was a much different, much happier atmosphere.


The crowd was about half the size of Lien’s rally. I estimate there were about 6000 people here. Remember, my estimates are always lower than everyone else’s. I try not to inflate numbers just to make people feel good. That said, 6000 is a lot of people in a small city. You will observe that everyone is wearing an identical white hat. This is usually a sure sign that the crowd was mobilized. In this case, however, they were handing out white caps to everyone, even me. There were a lot of buses, but there were also a ton of scooters and the adjacent parking lot was full of private cars.


Tsai Ing-wen was speaking as I arrived. She’s getting better, but she’s never going to be a rousing orator. It’s amazing how every time I see her, the crowd goes crazy for her introduction, sits patiently through one of her patented lectures, and then goes crazy for her again after she finishes. Fun rallies are great, but even us thrill-seekers understand that a clear political vision is more important (and the “Amens!” can always wait for the next speaker).


The sermon is over, it’s time for hallelujahs! SAM_5794

Lin gives his speech. Note that his color is red, not green. Lin is making the same sort of cross-party appeals in Keelung that Ko is making in Taipei. Before he spoke, they had a 93 year old military veteran with a thick Shandong accent come up to endorse Lin. Of course, in both Taipei and Keelung, these efforts are driven mostly by the fact that there are not enough green voters to win a majority. They have to reach out to people who don’t already support them.


The entire population of Keelung City crowds onto the stage to support Lin’s candidacy.


I think this might have to be the official photo of my blog. Frozen Garlic!

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  1. pohao Says:

    The description of the 8th picture should be Yao Li-Ming (姚立明).

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