wide open KMT field in Changhua

The incumbent Changhua County magistrate is in his second term and not eligible to run for re-election, so the field is wide open.  I mean, really wide open.  According to a China Times story, 10(!) people are trying to win the KMT nomination for Changhua County magistrate.  They are:

  1. Lin Tsang-min 林滄敏 (legislator)
  2. Wang Mei-hui 王美惠 (legislator)
  3. Hsiao Ching-tien 蕭景田 (former legislator)
  4. Chen Chieh 陳杰 (former legislator)
  5. Chen Wen-han 陳文漢 (Hsihu Town mayor)
  6. Ke Cheng-fang 柯呈枋 (deputy magistrate)
  7. Lin Tian-fu 林田富 (deputy magistrate)
  8. Chan Ming-rui 詹明叡 (county finance bureau chief)
  9. Huang Chun-tao 黃君韜 (former county government executive secretary)
  10. Tsai Chih-hung 蔡志宏 (former county government executive secretary)

Now that’s a big field.  I don’t really have anything insightful to say about this field. I suppose the nomination is worth fighting for, since the KMT has a fairly good shot at winning Changhua.  It’s not a lock given the national trends, but the KMT has usually won this county.  I also can’t remember seeing so many bureaucrats from the same administration launching bids.  Usually the incumbent wants a third term and throws his support behind a specific person, often the deputy magistrate.  That doesn’t seem to be the case here.  Anyway, I’d expect one of the professional politicians to emerge, probably Lin Tsang-min.  But who knows.

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