Freezing Garlic

I haven’t had time to write anything for the blog recently.  Apparently my real job wants all my time.  In lieu of an actual post, I offer this vignette:

My wife recently informed me that she tried freezing garlic.  She hadn’t considered the possibility until she was inspired by a story about President Ma’s New Year’s shopping excursion at the traditional market with his mother.  The vendors all tried to give him free things, and he welcomed all gifts except for garlic.  He got so much garlic during the campaign that his freezer is full of the stuff.

I’ve been writing a blog entitled “frozen garlic” for two years, and my wife needs President Ma to click the switch in her brain.  Go figure.

Happy New Year.

5 Responses to “Freezing Garlic”

  1. ymmn Says:

    Are you saying your wife didn’t know what “Frozen Garlic” stands for until now? If so, it also took me a while to figure out “Frozen Garlic” means, funny.

  2. Simon Chang Says:

    Same here, I finally found the correlation between Freezing Garlic and Frozen Garlic. Orz.

  3. JChen Says:

    This is a sign that your wife doesn’t appreciate/love you as much as we do! (Feel free to discard this post if it might cause you any potential marital discord) 😉

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