Liberty Times surveys

Did I miss something?  Did the Liberty Times stop doing surveys?  The last one I can find is from Nov 23, over three weeks ago.

5 Responses to “Liberty Times surveys”

  1. Echo Says:

    Yea, you didn’t miss that.

    At the mean time, I don’t know if you miss these:

    1) Although commonly seen as a green media, the LT is NOT entirely pro-Tsai. If you are familiar with Taiwan politics on the green side, you would know that LT is seen by many as Su Chen-Chang (蘇貞昌)’s personal media. It is obvious especially when Su CC was running for anything.

    Why does that matter? If Tsai gets elected, it would place a huge advantage on Tsai against Su CC in the 2016 primary in DPP. So helping Tsai is more like destroying Su CC. It’s not something Su’s “personal media” would do.

    2) The blue media, although still do surveys, have largely reduced their survey frequencies. In some time like September, every blue media did surveys like crazy, as often as several surveys a week. Now, reduced to about once or even less a week.

  2. Rust Says:

    They just released it! XD
    Garlic, did you have some sort of prediction ability or what?

  3. A-gu Says:

    There was also one Dec 8

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