Go Rangers!

I’ve been very quiet on this blog for the last few weeks, and there is a good reason.  I’ve been a loyal Texas Rangers fan since about 1980, and most of those 30 years have been marked by mediocrity, hopelessness, and character-building lessons.  In case you don’t follow American baseball, the Rangers are having the most successful season in their unremarkable history, and I’m diligently watching.  This takes a lot of time (and sleep) out of my schedule, so I haven’t had much extra time for this blog.  In Boston, they say that the election season doesn’t start in earnest until the Red Sox are eliminated.  I guess that’s true for me and Taiwanese elections too (though I never had the opportunity to find out until this year).  So I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

(And yes, it makes me deliriously happy that the Rangers eliminated the Chunghua Yankees and that A-Rod was the final out.)

5 Responses to “Go Rangers!”

  1. A-gu Says:

    Go Rangers! I’m technically an Astros fan, but 1luv.

  2. Greg Charlton Says:

    This has been a great run this year. Most events around here are adjusting around the games and/or have the game on for viewing. It is quite a buzz about the Rangers.

  3. 金魚兒 Says:

    Hello, I can’t help but must leave a message to you. I just quickly scanned your article “thoughts on the Taipei Country Campaign,” and I wondered how can a foreigner in Taiwan knows so much about Taiwan politics… more than I do…LOL. Then I read the introduction page about this blog, that’s the answer! You are an academic!
    It is very interesting to see my country from foreigners’ eyes. I started to learn about my country since I moved to Canada, and yet there is a lot to learn. I’m very glad that I found your blog, and wish you all the best!

    • frozengarlic Says:

      I am an academic, but that is not the reason I know anything about Taiwanese politics. I didn’t learn much about Taiwan while I was becoming a political scientist. What is much more important is paying attention to the world around you. There are many foreigners here in Taiwan who are keen observers of local politics. And if you pay attention to what is happening in Canada, you might find that you see things that most Canadians do not.

  4. Carlos Says:

    San Franciscan here. Better luck at home, where your players won’t be distracted by second-hand marijuana smoke!

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