KMT CC candidate withdraws

In the Taichung City Council District 2 election, one of the KMT candidates has announced that he is withdrawing from the race.  Yan Shuicang 顏水滄, currently the mayor of Qingshui Township, announce that he will not run to avoid conflict with another Black Faction candidate, independent and incumbent county assembly member Zhao Chaoqin 趙朝琴.  Yan claimed that Zhao initially signaled support for his candidacy, but then decided to run for re-election himself.  Zhao will run as an independent.  Yan also has a vote-buying court case dating from the2005 mayoral election still pending.

The KMT said that it has not yet received any formal notice from Yan.  (Yan has sent a credible signal of his withdrawal by taking down all his billboards.)  If Yan does indeed withdraw, the KMT will not nominate anyone else but will instead focus all of its efforts on the other two KMT nominees.

Taichung District 2 will elect five seats.  Both the KMT and DPP now have two candidates, and none of the three smaller parties has nominated anyone in this district.  There will likely be several independent candidates as well.  From this story, we know that Zhao is running for re-election.    There are also three other incumbents who are independents, Chen Niantian陳年添, Chen Shizhe 陳詩哲, and Wang Nianshan  王年杉.  In addition, KMT incumbent You Biling 尤碧鈴 lost in the primary, and she might run as an independent.


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