DPP primary poll procedure

The DPP is using telephone surveys to decide its nominations for mayors and city council elections.  I will discuss the results in other posts.  Here, I just want to document the process.

There are six survey organizations that might be used: the DPP survey center, Shih-hsin University survey center,T Taiwan Real Survey, Shanshui Survey, Jingzhan Consulting, and Guanchajia Marketing (中央黨部民調中心、全國公信力民意調查股份有限公司、世新大學民意調查研究中心、山水民意研究股份有限公司、精湛民意調查顧問股份有限公司、及觀察家行銷研究有限公司).

The surveys for Kaohsiung and Tainan mayor will take place from May 3-7.  On the morning of May 3, the DPP will draw lots, choosing three of the organizations to survey each race.  They will also decide which survey is held on May 3-4 and which is held on May 5-6.

In the event, the Kaohsiung survey was first, and the Tainan survey was next.  They also picked the order for the city council surveys: (1) Kaohsiung, (2) Taichung, (3) Tainan, (4) Taipei and Xinbei.  (I’m not sure why Taipei and Xinbei go at the same time.  This seems strange to me.)  These surveys will begin on May 17.  Each morning, they will randomly select one district for the relevant city.

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