Ji drops out of Taichung race

Legislator and Taichung County Black Faction member Ji Guodong 紀國棟 has announced that he is dropping out of the race for the KMT’s nomination for Taichung City mayor.  The KMT has responded by cancelling its plans to hold telephone surveys.

There is still one other candidate in the race.  However, legislator and Red Faction leader Liu Quanzhong 劉銓忠 has reportedly refused to accept the results of a telephone survey.  The Liberty Times suggests that he looks like he is going to run to the bitter end.

At any rate, if there is no telephone survey,  there is basically no way for Jason Hu 胡志強 not to get the nomination.  Moreover, he (or the KMT) has apparently made a deal with enough Black Faction members that he can count on the support of one of the main Taichung factions.  It remains to be seen how much of the Red Faction will remain recalcitrant.


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