campaign talking points

Here are a few campaign stories that involve what the various mayoral candidates are talking about.

In Kaohsiung, KMT hopeful Huang Zhaoshun 黃昭順 had a campaign event yesterday in which she stressed the need to develop Kaohsiung’s economy.  She pointed to all the For Rent signs, Kaohsiung’s high unemployment rates, declining incomes, and the large numbers of factory closures as major problems.  Former city council speaker Chen Tianmao 陳田錨 and former legislator Wang Tianjing 王天競 spoke in her support.

Also in Kaohsiung, DPP hopeful Yang Qiuxing 楊秋興 called for former president Chen Shuibian 陳水扁 to be released.  Chen has been detained for over 500 days.  However, since Taiwan is an island and there is nowhere for Chen to escape, Yang argued that it was not necessary to continue detaining him.

In Tainan, DPP hopeful Xu Tiancai 許添財 received an anonymous threatening letter.  The Tainan City party chair has forwarded it to the party headquarters and noted that if one candidate is found to have threatened another, the former candidate can be disqualified.

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