This picture appeared in the Liberty Times today.  It depicts a tug-o-war between DPP members of the Taipei City Council and DPP members of the Taipei County Assembly.  Hanging in the middle of the rope is a portrait of Su Chen-chang, who has not yet decided where he will run.

I am reminded of a story from New York City politics in the 1930s.  A man was nominated for a minor office on the Democratic ticket.  He campaigned hard for several weeks, knocking on lots of doors and talking with lots of voters.  However, he was dismayed to see that the local party office wasn’t doing anything to promote him.  They were focusing all their energy on the presidential election.  Finally, he went to see the local party boss to complain.  The boss listened, and then replied, “Did you ever watch the Staten Island ferry come into the harbor?  The boat creates a huge backwash of water, and all kinds of garbage floats into the harbor behind the boat.  You look down, and there’s all sorts of banana peels, paper bags, apple cores, and old shoes.  You’re worried that we aren’t doing anything to get you elected?   Well, Franklin Roosevelt is the Staten Island ferry, and you’re a banana peel.”


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