I want to play, too…

Now that rumor has it that Su Chen-chang 蘇貞昌 is going to run in Taipei City, DPP figures are coming out of the woodworks expressing their interest in running for Sinbei City mayor.

Former Taipei County executive (1989-1997) You Ching 尤清 declared his intention to run.  He also demanded that the DPP hold a fair primary for the nomination.   He would be better off asking for an unfair primary, since he has no chance of winning a fair one.

Former Vice President Annette Lu 呂秀蓮 commented that outsiders were not necessarily the most suitable candidates for Sinbei City mayor.  Then she added that she is a resident of Taipei County.   I suppose living in Sanxia 三峽鎮 for the last two years does make her a legal resident of the county, but it does not make her any less of  a political outsider.

Former Premier You Hsi-kun 游錫堃 stated that if the party needed him, he would be willing to represent it.  Unlike the other two, there is a chance that You will end up being the candidate, so this is a significant, not comical, announcement.  My initial reaction is that You would be an adequate candidate, but he seems a bit of a tired face.  The DPP might be better off with an entirely new person, such as Zhao Yongqing 趙永清.  (To my knowledge, Zhao has not yet made any statement on whether he is interested in running.)

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